Monday, December 10, 2007


This blog will no longer be updated. I started the blog to explore a different way of publishing my book reviews (I was bored and looking for purpose in life). It's been fun (not really), and I've learned a lot about Blogger in the process (it sucks). But ultimately, the blog must give me something of value (I want my own groupies) to justify the time and effort I spend maintaining it (I'm really lazy). After six months of updates, the blog has given me nothing of significant value (snarky comments by Thainamu don't count).

I will continue to write my book reviews. They will continue to be available online at, or you can subscribe to my RSS newsfeed. They will no longer be available online.

Update: You can read them at

Thanks for reading.


Thainamu said...

So now you've found purpose in life.... I'm happy for you.

How's that for snarky??

Reader of Books said...

I can't say I've found purpose in life, but yesterday while I was getting dressed for church I found a cockroach in my pants.

Sharon said...

Oh no, you're quitting?

Don't you know that some of us are counting on you to review all the science fiction and fantasy that we'll never get a chance to read? And that it's a lot more interesting to read the reviews on a blog than a plain old black-and-white site?

As for laziness, is it really any more effort to write and publish a review on the other site than on a blog?

Oh well, our loss for not being groupies, I guess.